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Biographie 2022 is then, and it has brought some innovative new tiny home designs with it! Sustainability has been running on everybody’s mind. Ever since the epidemic shook up our world, we’re trying to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of our life, including our homes! And, with everyone aspiring towards eco-friendly and aware ways of living, bitsy homes have fully taken over the world of the armature and cemented their place as sustainable, minimum, and provide micro-living setups. What started off as a cute little trend is now becoming a serious option for home spaces. They're a space-saving and eco-friendly living result that reduces the cargo on Mother Earth! They’re simple and minimum druthers to the assessing and materialistic homes that feel to have taken over. And, we’ve curated a wide range of micro-home setups that completely seized our attention in 2021! From an AI-enabled prefab tiny home to a bilevel bitsy cabin that comes with a 100- forecourt- bottom plan – there’s a bitsy home out there for everyone!

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